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Important Customer Information

Versicherungsmakler GmbH

Our service is valued greatly by our customers of long standing: medium-sized companies, the self-employed, commercial and private. A high level of competence, mutual trust, adherence to schedules and reliability form the foundation of our work. New clients come to us regularly on the recommendation of our satisfied clientele.

Obligatory Information under §11 of the Ordinance on the Placement of Insurance

Selection Criteria for the Placing of Insurance Contracts

Over 100 insurance companies alone in Germany over tens of thousands of products and rates for risk protection. Taking the whole of the European market into consideration, this increases to hundreds of thousands of products and rates. In addition to these, insurance companies offer individual insurance brokers exclusive terms.

Our company works - as long as nothing else has been agreed or advised in an individual case - with over 80 insurance companies on the basis of the following selection criteria:

Independent Insurance Broking

In Germany great vlue is set on the closing of insurance contracts through an insurance broker. A difference is drawn here between agents, who represent one or more insurance companies, and insurance brokers, who act on behalf of the insured person or company, representing their interests.

We work solely as insurance brokers. We have no financial interest in any insurance company, nor does any insurance company hold any financial interest in our company.

Working Together

The principal task of the insurance broker is procuring the insurance protection that the client wants, and consultation associated with this.
We take into consideration - as long as nothing else has been agreed on an individual basis - an ample number of insurance companies to allow us to recommend a suitable product.

In order to give you the greatest amount of flexibility, we recommend annual contracts with an extension clause. This allows you to react relatively quickly to changes in the market, the risk coverage and risk assessment.

We use the services of VEMA e.G., a cooperative pool of 400 insurance brokers spread across Germany. The members of VEMA e.G. and its range of services are noted for their high quality.

If you would like a consultation on all business and private risks you can rely on our many years of experience, particularly in the processing of claims. In this we would be happy to take existing contracts into consideration.

Where you wish us to do so, once the contract has been signed we will continue to look after your interests in the handling of damage events and contract changes, and investigate alternatives to existing contracts.

Broker Appointment, Data Protection and Broker Mandate

Because an insurance broker does not work for an insurance company, legitimacy when dealing with insurance companies is routinely granted through the broker mandate. Within this it is regulated that the insurance broker has the authority to commission the agreed insurance protection for his/her customer and to conduct the necessary correspondence for this.

Many insurance companies only provide quotations - particularly where there is an elevated or occupational risk - if the insurance broker provides the name and address of the inquirer, as well as all the information relevant to the risk (in particular previous claims and pre-existing conditions, dates of birth, amounts insured, turnover, etc.) Information on this subject is given on our Data Protection page.

The scope of our services is covered on the broker contract page.

For us, reciprocal trust forms the basis of working together. Therefore the broker mandate and broker contract can be cancelled by both parties without complying to a particular period of notice.

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Quality Control

If you should ever be dissatisfied with our service or have a suggestion for improvement, please give us the specifics. We would appreciate any information from you that leads to an improvement in the quality of our service.

Liabilities and the requirement for cooperation

So that we can correctly broker the insurance protection that you want and the insurance company can provide the contracted benefit in a benefit case, we are reliant on your cooperation. For this the following are of particular importance:

We are very happy to be able to work on your behalf.