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Founded in 1961 as an expert partner for small- to medium-sized companies, we develop insurance concepts to manage commercial and transportation risks. Why not let us examine and assess your risk management plan SüdwestRing has customised products for private individuals and families. Our computer comparison programme searches for the optimum private insurance through the clutter of providers of motor, health, life, pension and disability insurance that sometimes amount to a hundred or more german insurance companies german insurance companies. Since 1974 we have also offered innovative insurance products for schools, rental and private in the field of sport. For watersports ((sailing, windsurfing, sailing, kitsurfing) and wintersports ( kitesurfing)and wintersport (skiing, snowboarding, snowkiting) and snowkiting) as well as other outdoor sportsother outdore sports you can even buy your sports insurance online. As insurance brokers we act in the interests of our clients as their allies. Similarly to accountants, we represent your interests as your partner against the insurance company, accompanying you from risk analysis to claims settlement.

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SüdwestRing Versicherungsmakler GmbH
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